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Mechanical PTO
With standard SAE industrial flywheel or flywheel housing dimensions to accommodate a variety of engine power outputs.
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Power Grip Clutch
Power Grip Clutches are designed for heavy load coaxial torque transmission applications. Available with pneumatic actuation. Power Grip Clutches allow for quick response, space-saving footprints, minimal maintenance requirements and are available in sizes ranging from 8” to 60”. This product is the ideal solution for applications such as, oil field drilling rig & workover rig winch drum and rotary table transmission.
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Water Cooled Brake
Water Cooled Brake is best suited for applications where continuous slip and high heat braking is needed. Pneumatic actuation is available in two forms: piston type and air tube type. The design of wear plates, made of top-quality copper alloy and composite materials, allows for good wear resistance and greater heat dissipation characteristics. It is designed to accommodate open or closed cooling system. This product is mainly used for auxiliary braking for drawworks of oil drilling rig and workover rig.
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