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ZQJ/S Mud Cleaner
The ZQJ/S Mud Cleaner, also called Desander and Desilter assembly, integrates desander, desilter and chock manifold mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit. Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solids control equipment for separation of solid particles above 0.02 mm, with a maximum treatment capacity is 56 L/s; The treated drilling fluid can be directly used or further separated by medium and high-speed centrifuges.
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EWT-40 Self-Loop Well-Flushing Truck
The EWT-40 Self-Loop Well-Flushing Truck is a truck mounted unit for flushing of oilfield water injection wells. It is designed with functions of circulating well washing under pressure and on-line backwashing, featuring easy operation and excellent performance. This product is used for treatment of the returned fluid from the water injection wells, removing suspended solids, Oils and other pollutants, and reinjecting it into the water wells for closed-cycle well flushing.
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EFS-60 Fracturing Flowback Fluids Treatment Equipment
The EFS-60 Fracturing Flowback Fluids Treatment Equipment adopts physical and chemical treatments such as pretreatment, acid-base neutralization, electro flocculation, air flotation, filtration / adsorption, sterilization and reverse osmosis to reduce the content of pollutants in flowback fluid. Chemical treatment and electro flocculation treatment are available for option.
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EDF-30 Water-based Mud Treatment Equipment
With the solid-liquid separation technology, this product uses chemical agents and integrates high-frequency vibrating screen, dewatering centrifuge, filter press, dehydrator, filter, reverse osmosis unit, screw conveyor and other devices to reduce harmful composition in solids and recycle serviceable drilling fluid. The water quality after treatment meets the requirements of preparing drilling fluid.
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Closed Positive Pressure Conveying Device for Drill Cuttings(DWB)
This product is mainly used to transfer, delivery and store the drilling cuttings discharged from the well cementing system.
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Drill Cuttings Thermo-Mechanical Treating Device (DTTD)
This DTTD device is mainly used to treat oily waste generated in the process of drilling. The heat generated by the friction between the rotor and the material is used to raise the temperature of the materials, so that the organic matter of petroleum hydrocarbons can be evaporated and cracked. It features compact structure, light weight and flexible and modular design. It is designed to meet the emission standard, known as the best available technique (BAT) and the best environmental technology (BEP);
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