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The SOFElink® is a data platform for oil and gas equipment, running on websites and APPs. It is designed for data acquisition through IOT technology, including 12 basic functions: positioning of equipment, monitoring of fuel consumption, real-time logging of equipment parameters, real-time curve, fault alarm, history data, operation report, in-depth maintenance and care, spare parts, equipment performance log, intelligent analysis and key components diagnosis.
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Equipment positioning

For positioning of equipment, over-limit alarm by setting Geo fence.

Operation report

Operation report by week, month, quarter and year, including operation rate, service hours, running conditions, failure rate, fuel consumption and maintenance.

Fuel consumption monitoring

Monitoring of daily fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and abnormal fuel consumption alarms.

In-depth maintenance and care

To work out reasonable maintenance plans and provide accurate maintenance reminders and records according to user-defined parameters

Equipment parameters

Real-time logging of key parameters of the equipment, including: on-line time, cumulative running time, utilization rate, load rate, engine speed, transmission gear, discharge pressure, pump displacement, alarm, oil pressure, oil temperature, etc.

Spare parts

Input of spare parts information, wearing parts information and corresponding material codes to provide more accurate information services of inventory and purchase cycle.

Real-time curve

To display the operation trend and dynamics of the equipment grouped by timestamp.

Equipment performance log

To generate logs of equipment startup, shutdown, alarm, maintenance and overhaul.

Fault alarm

Fault alarms of engines, transmissions and pumps.

Intelligent analysis

Analysis of the operation status and working conditions of the equipment, such as working pressure range, discharge pressure range, etc. by collecting big data.

History data

View of history data at any time and save of all data of the equipment after leaving the factory for fault analysis.

Key components diagnosis

Providing the diagnosis and anomaly detection of core components such as plunger pumps and output the health status of the equipment in its operating environment.

  SOFElink® can access all cementing and fracturing equipment from SJS, including auxiliary units such as alternators.
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