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Data Van

The Data Van is suitable for cementing, fracturing, acidizing and sand control operations in onshore oil and gas wells. It is configured with control terminals and DAS systems to achieve the whole process monitoring of well site operations, remote control of field equipment, real-time acquisition, display, logging and printing of job data.
This product is comprised of control cabin and cupboard, power supply system, HVAC system, control system, alarm system, DAS system, communication and radio system, NVC system and wellsite CCTV system.
This product’s general arrangement, truck performance, load distribution and off-road driving performance are all compliant with China National Standards. This product is safe and reliable. Main technical parameters meet China National industry standards and regulations.
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       ● Optimized network topology;

  ● Network redundancy design;

  ● Stable network bandwidth and data transmission;

  ● Network control, wireless data transmission and acquisition functions of multi node clusters;

  ● Friendly human-computer interaction;

  ● Complete network communication solutions

  ● Equipment fault alarm


Configurations for option

       ● Homemade or imported chassis;

  ● Genset and UPS;

  ● Mixing remote control system, diesel-driven frac remote control system, electrically-driven frac remote control system, blender remote control system, nitrogen remote control system, liquid additive remote control system, cementing DAS system, frac DAS system, frac design and analysis system, wellsite operation alarm system, portable remote controller, remote control for third-party frac unit;

  ● Portable remote control system;

  ● Portable data acquisition device;

  ● External & internal communication systems and radio system;

  ● NVC system;

  ● Wellsite CCTV system.


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